About Us

Our Board of Directors

Gerard Munera

Gerard Munera is a seasoned top executive with extensive knowledge of working environments in North and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. He has over 50 years of experienced in all areas of management, including finance, sales/ marketing, engineering and operations; with proven record in building up and motivating management teams, developing new businesses, and planning and implementing major restructurings and turn-arounds.  He presently serves as Chairman of Dynamic Materials Corporation and D of Nevsun Resources Ltd, two publicly listed companies, as well as Executive Chairman of Arcadia Inc. , a privately held company.


Wayne Taylor

Wayne Taylor previously was in charge of major international bank retail small business, including Special Assets. Wayne oversaw the Canadian business unit, which employed over 750 people and generated loan outstanding of $2 billion. His current company, BSI Arizona, LLC has been very successful in raising all forms of debt and equity capital across a variety of businesses. He is well-versed in originating and structuring senior debt, equity capital, as well as many types of conventional loans, including SBA 7 and SBA 504 loans, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Taylor has over 35 years of experience in the fields of credit and insurance. Over the past year, he has arranged over $200 million in senior debt, and has helped restructure a number of deals, putting his clients back on normal banking terms.


Thien Pham

Mr. Thien Pham has over 15 years of experience in healthcare and digital security.  Mr. Pham developed an electronic prescription platform in 1999 that allows physicians to securely write electronic prescription and automatically sent to patient’s pharmacy of choice; which was early for its time.  He successfully sold the platform to a public company.  Mr. Pham then joined the public company to further expand its products and services.  Mr. Pham also created electronic medical record system, UMedical, approved by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy.  His UMedical system was later deployed at St. Joseph Hospital.  Additionally, Mr. Pham has developed an enterprise telehealth platform to connect healthcare providers and patients through a cloud-based system on multiple devices.  Mr. Pham developed a software programming framework that enables developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy in a production environment with limited risk of failure through advanced self-correction and auto updates.


Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn

Ph.D, CISSP, Director of Center for Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics (CDF), Professor of ASU School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Dr. Ahn is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University (ASU). He is Director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensic and Director of the Laboratory of Security Engineering for Future Computing (SEFCOM) at ASU. His principal research and teaching interests are in information and systems security. His research foci include security analytics and big data driven security intelligence, vulnerability and risk management, access control and security intelligence, identity and privacy management, access control and security architecture for distributed systems, identity and privacy management, cybercrime analysis, security enhanced computing platforms, and formal models for computer security. His research has been supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Defense (DoD), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Army Research Office (ARO), Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of Energy (DoE), Bank of America, Cisco, GoDaddy, Hewlett Packard, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold, Google, Microsoft and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He has received seven US patents. He is a recipient of Department of Energy CAREER Award and the Educator of the Year Award from the Federal Information Systems Security Educators’ Association (FISSEA). Prior to ASU, he was an Associate Professor of College of Computing and Informatics and Founding Director of Center for Digital Identity and Cyber Defense Research (DiCyDER) at UNC, Charlotte. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Dr. Ziming Zhao

Professor of ASU School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering

Dr. Zhao is a professor in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University. His focus is on security and privacy related problems in computer and communications systems. His research includes utilizing hardware primitives to design and implement secure systems for attack mitigations; cybercrime and threat intelligence analysis, e.g., understanding the structure of underground communities and the economy and ecosystem of cybercrime; usable and user-centric security, e.g., finding vulnerabilities in authentication and payment systems; and network and web security, e.g., designing novel firewall and intrusion response systems for the emerging software-defined network. Zhao is the author of more than 30 papers in refereed conferences and journals. He has received two best paper awards from computer security conferences and two US patents. He is a member of IEEE and ACM.

Dr. Alvin Rohrs

Dr. Alvin Rohrs, a globally recognized leader in the NGO not-for -profit sector.  In 2016 Dr. Rohrs retired after serving 34 years as the CEO of Enactus. Enactus is an international NGO with a mission to bring university students, academic, and business leaders together to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world through entrepreneurial action. During his career Dr. Rohrs accelerated Enactus from 18 universities in the U.S.A. to 1700 universities in 36 countries. His work at Enactus impacted the leadership skills of over 800,000 students and improved the lives of over 18,000,000 people.  Dr. Rohrs was recognized by Inc. magazine and Ernst &Young as the National Entrepreneur of the Year Supporter of Entrepreneurship in 1995 and he has been close to the start-up community since.

Dr. Keith Fuller

Dr. Keith Fuller is a retired Chief Security Officer & Director of Service Implementation at Ceryx Inc. and Professor.  Dr. Fuller has over 33 years of network security and consulting.  Dr. Fuller has architected sophisticated network infrastructure for medium to large businesses and governments, including Canada, U.S.A, and Japan.  His expertise in software and hardware implementations allow iSign to quickly and efficiently implement and roll out its many products and services.

Dr. Jason Shen

A highly successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of manufacturing and IT consulting experiences.  Dr. Shen holds a PhD from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is the founder of E-Tech Computers Inc. with global presence through out the world.

Albert Halloway

Albert Holloway, MBA, MHA is the founder of TIPAAA, a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Al is a highly recognized Executive in the Physician and Healthcare Trade Association Community and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of TIPAAA since its founding in 1994 in The San Francisco Bay Area.